The Beginning

I’ve been contemplating the idea of trying to write every day for some time now. Last year a friend and I set up another blog where we challenged ourselves to take pictures every day for a year. We didn’t make it. However, I still see it as a success because I feel like my photography skills improved during the challenge and I also discovered what type of photography I enjoy most (candid shots of people, in case you’re wondering). It also led to me deciding that I enjoy portrait photography enough to have a small business. It’s not large and I’ll never make a living at it but, it’s enough to fulfill my creative urges.

I kept thinking that I should do something similar to kick start my writing aspirations. I’ve had a couple of things published and it’s always very exciting but doing anything consistent has been a challenge. I’ve considered just using the 365 blog and converting the challenge to writing instead of photography. But I always chicken out. I am glad I did the photography challenge but I realize from the outside it probably looks like a failure since I didn’t complete the full year. I don’t like that perception (and can’t help but internalize it even if I know it wasn’t a failure) so it has made me hesitant to take on a challenge of that magnitude. Then today I saw a short TED talk encouraging people to try something they’ve always wanted to do for thirty days.

I knew immediately what I wanted to do. I want to write for thirty days. That goal seems far less daunting than 365 days. I think I can do it. But then a lot of other ideas started popping into my head about things I could do for thirty days and how that might change my life- how to decide? Then it struck me; I don’t have to choose. For the first thirty days I’ll just write, about anything I please. But I’ll still have the blog and I can extend my writing goal to incorporate new goals. Once I have a habit of daily writing (which I hopefully will after 30 days) then I can choose new habits to add and/or remove and then write about those in the same blog.

Yes, I’m still patting myself on the back for that ingenious plan. 😉


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