Someone on the internet is wrong…

I’ve spent far too much time today arguing on the internet. It’s not something I do often and when I find myself sucked in I’m always reminded of this image:











That was me today. So desperate to show someone I don’t even know the error of his ways. I was unable to convince the person that my POV held any merit but, maybe someone else reading realized that it did. And, just so I can hopefully let it go, I’d like to say a few things here. Please indulge me.

If you are a member of a cultural majority, please:

  • do not assume that because you treat minorities with respect that discrimination has been eradicated.
  • do not assume that laws requiring equality are perfect and therefore inequality no longer exists.
  • do not assume that cultural backlash resulting in isolated cases of discrimination against the majority means that you understand the full force of discrimination and prejudice that is deeply embedded in a culture. This doesn’t diminish your experience but it also doesn’t give you total understanding of the minority situation.
  • try to understand that just because worse atrocities exist this does not mean the cultural minorities concerns are trivial or unsubstantiated.

If you are member of a cultural minority, please:

  • do not assume that because you haven’t personally experienced discrimination or prejudice that no one else in your minority group has either.

Everyone, please:

  • do not assume that people who disagree with you are stupid, brainwashed or ill-informed.
  • try to remember that condescension never convinced anyone to change their mind.

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