Remembering to stop and breathe…

We’ve had an extremely busy last few days and today I reached my exhaustion threshold. We went to a museum in the morning with our swim suits and towels in a beach bag so we could go to the beach afterwards. I looked it up online and saw that there was a bathroom at the beach so we’d just change there. I was already pretty worn out from all the walking we’ve been doing and was looking forward to cooling off in Lake Michigan. But then we couldn’t find the bathroom.

We walked several blocks down the boardwalk before we finally found it and the thought of walking back seemed unimaginable at that point. I was ready to give up, and near tears from sheer exhaustion. This is not the first time I’ve reached this point while on vacation and I knew that this feeling wouldn’t last and didn’t have to ruin our day if I handled it well. So, I found a place to sit, think through our choices for the day and finally, after pulling myself together, talk to everyone else about it. We did end up walking back to the beach and after relaxing there for a bit were able to go do even more. It reminded me (again) that sometimes when I’m feeling completely maxed out that the best thing to do is stop, regroup and figure out what to do without putting pressure on myself to stick to the original plan. In this instance the original plan turned out to be our best option. But if it hadn’t been that would have been okay too.


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