Learn Nothing Day

In addition to my birthday today is also “Learn Nothing Day”. This holiday was created by unschooling guru Sandra Dodd in response to the ubiquitous question, “Do you take a summer break?”

The notion of a break from learning is a bit absurd to an unschooler, we see learning in everything and to take a break from learning would be as impossible as taking a break from breathing. I know that what people really mean is, “Do you take a break from school work,” but unschoolers reject the notion that learning is separate from the rest of life. Learning doesn’t happen in a box called school- it happens with every observation, conversation, interaction, line read, piece of dialogue watched and word written. The only way to learn nothing would be to pull the covers up and shut out the world. So, if you got out of bed today, or even stayed in bed but read, talked, watched TV or logged on then you already learned something today.

You blew it, but you can try again tomorrow. 😉


2 responses to “Learn Nothing Day

  1. Loved this! We don’t “do” the summer break thing–why model our personal/home lives after a broken system that we’ve consciously chosen not to be a part of?!

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