What I’ve learned in the last 30 days…

DAY 30!

I can hardly believe it’s already been 30 days since I started this challenge! The journey has been both fun and intellectually stimulating and I will definitely be continuing for a while. I believe I’ve learned a lot, about myself as a writer as well as more personal lessons.  Since this was SUPPOSED to be the last day I thought it seemed like a good time to reflect on some of those lessons.

What I’ve Learned About Myself As a Writer:

  • I’ve always rejected the idea that I should write every day and held onto the philosophy that my best writing happens as a result of inspiration, not scheduling. This challenge has shown me that sometimes scheduling the time, and giving myself a deadline, is the first step to inspiration. Similarly I realized that I have a lot of unrealized essays and posts because I’ve put them in the “someday” category but then forget or simply never get around to it. Having a schedule and a deadline helps me overcome that hurdle.
  • I’ve tried to make my writing a bit “tighter”. This is an industry term that means you are concise and to the point. It keeps the reader’s attention and makes the point more clear.
  • I don’t have to fit every idea I have about a topic into one piece of writing. Often I would find myself cutting, what I felt was, a really great insight because I realized that while the idea might be good it just didn’t flow with that particular post. Letting go of what I felt were gems was difficult but necessary.
  • Not everything has to be profound and insightful. Sometimes it’s okay just to purge my thoughts and feelings- and often this is necessary to clear my head for writing other things.

What I’ve Learned About Myself Personally:

  • I don’t have to play everything so close to the vest. It’s okay for me to be open and honest about my feelings and opinions and even when people disagree that’s okay. My thoughts are still valid and the people I truly want to be a part of my life will still respect and like me.
  • It’s not only okay but good to have predetermined boundaries. Just because being open is good that doesn’t mean I have to be open about everything. I have a short list of things I know I’ll never talk about, especially on a blog. For example, you will never read negative things about my husband or children. Not because we always get along perfectly but because they deserve more respect than that.
  • When I opened myself up a bit more in writing it paved the way for me to do it in person. I’ve been friendlier, more honest and had better connections with people. I fear rejection less so it’s easier to smile and say hello to people at the grocery store or be more honest with my friends.

I’ve learned all of this and, I’m sure, so much more. I can’t stop now.


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