Beat the heat!

Today I worked on a few online job applications. That means I already wrote today, just not for this blog. I thought I’d share one of the articles I plan to submit  for a position writing parenting tips for fun, creative activities to do with kids of various ages. This particular website favors list style articles with a brief introduction so that’s the model I’ve used. I haven’t actually submitted the application yet so I’d love your feedback!

Getting your kids outside for sunshine and fresh air is especially tricky when it’s sweltering outside. What are parents to do but let the kids hide out inside where it’s nice and cool? Well, few things provide as much fun, economical entertainment as a garden hose. These are just a few creative ways to help kids of all ages beat the heat and have a great time doing it!

1. Patch-the-hose: You can use an old hose that already has holes or buy a cheap dollar store hose for this sure-fire hit. Simply use a nail to puncture small holes in a garden hose before attaching it to a spigot. When the water is turned on the kids will love playing in the make-shift sprinkler you’ve created- but the fun is just beginning! Give the kids some duct tape and have them try to patch the holes as the water is squirting out. This is no easy task and it will really get their creativity flowing.

2. Water painting: This one is always tons of fun- have the kids stand in front of a fence or lie on the sidewalk while you spray them with the hose- when they move away there will be a dry silhouette for them to admire- the more silly the poses the more fun you’ll have with this one!

3. Target practice: Use sidewalk chalk to draw targets on the fence or sidewalk and then; ready, aim, FIRE! As an added bonus you’ll be cleaning up the chalk while you play.

4. Ball races: Cheap beach balls work great for this one but any light-weight toy will do. Have the kids use the water from the hose to propel their ball to the finish line. The kids will have lots of fun experimenting with water pressure to get the ball moving faster! Make this game even more fun by adding obstacles for them to move the ball over, under, around and through. If you only have one spigot you can use a timer while the kids take turns racing. You can also pick up a cheap Y-attachment from your local home and garden supplier which allows you to connect two hoses to the same spigot.

5. Limbo: Who needs a limbo stick when you’ve got a stream of water from the hose!

6. Experiment with erosion: Pick a corner of the yard where the kids can move a little earth. Use small boats, cars or other toys to experiment with how the water will move objects as well as soil. Bring in rocks, twigs and leaves to build a dam and a small pool for the boats.

7. Tag: Everyone will want to be “it” since in this version of tag being “it” means holding the hose! The kids will have fun figuring out just how close they can get without being sprayed and the child holding the hose will have fun experimenting with ways to get the water to project further.

8. Water band: Hang an assortment of objects from a fence or tree branch and experiment with the different sounds you can make by spraying them with water. A few fun items to include: beach balls, aluminum cans, plastic bottles or pots and pans.

9. Sink or float: Use the hose to fill a small bucket or pail with water and try to predict if assorted items will sink or float when dropped in the water. Encourage the kids to think about why certain objects float and others don’t.

10. Tug of War: Who needs a rope- see if you can figure out how to get a grip on your slippery, wet hose!


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