Balance is a recurring theme in my life. I tend not to like extremes* and when I’m discussing various issues with friends we often talk about finding balance in any given situation. I even have a yin-yang necklace that I wear to help remind me to look for balance when things aren’t going well. It has become my mantra.

Lately though, as a result of doing a lot of yoga, I’ve come to realize that in some aspects I wasn’t quite grasping the total concept of balance. One of my favorite yoga poses is the tree pose…

This pose is all about balance but what it is not about is symmetry. Balance doesn’t always mean that the weight is distributed equally, sometimes it just means that we find our place of strength so we don’t topple over.

*I’m sure some would disagree as I have been called an extremist in the past. To that I say that any position vastly different than our own can seem extreme while seeming perfectly balanced to others. And, since I’m only talking about my own perception of balance it really doesn’t matter if anyone agrees with me or not. 😉

7 responses to “Balance

  1. I think the tree pose analogy is perfect. The key to making tree pose work is to “find your center”–I do it every day in yoga, maybe need to transfer the lesson…

    • Yep, I’m working on that transfer. 🙂 I didn’t mention (but probably should have) that the woman on the dvd I use talks about noting the things that you can’t change/adjust and the things you can when you feel like you’re losing your balance. Also a great metaphor for life!

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