Revising my goal…

I think it may be time for me to give up trying to do this blog on a daily basis. In the beginning it was important to do every day as a means of public accountability while trying to develop the habit of daily writing. But now I feel like the habit is established and while I will most certainly continue to carve out time to write every day I won’t be pressured to have something to publish every day.

Sometimes it takes a while to develop an idea so I either spend a disproportionate amount of my day writing or I publish a post without fully fleshing out the ideas. Other times I don’t have anything to say that would really be of interest to anyone else but I feel compelled to publish SOMETHING so I end up posting what boils down to a journal entry about my day. And then there are the times when I want to write about things that are private but don’t take the time to do so because I have to get the blog post finished. I’ve far exceeded my original 30 day challenge, almost doubled it actually, so I feel okay about this decision. My goal is to continue publishing here 3-4 times per week- I hope you’ll all keep reading!


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