Apparently today was Women’s Equality Day. Too bad I missed my one and only chance to be an equal citizen this year- only 364 days until I can try again!

It’s a nice sentiment I suppose but what is the purpose of this? It can’t be to raise awareness since I’m willing to bet that most people didn’t know about it.  How could they, the proclamation was signed ONE day before the ‘holiday’ took place. Nothing was done to try to educate people about the multitude of ways gender inequality still exists (since a lot of people seem to believe that this is a ‘solved’ problem). There were no speeches, parades or anything else planned or organized to promote equality. I’m not saying that I WANT a parade; I’m just asking why bother to set aside a day like this and not acknowledge it in ANY way. As far as I can tell someone did whatever legwork was necessary for one of these proclamations to happen and get it to the president’s desk for a signature- and then it was promptly forgotten. WTF??

Maybe there’s a point here that my silly little feminine brain just can’t understand.


2 responses to “Seriously?

  1. It is the anniversay of the signing of the day women got the right to vote, right? I wrote about it this time last year and various people on FB and twitter have been posting about it today. I’m not sure if there were proclamations on previous years, but this isn’t a new “occasion”–it is posted about every year. I look at it as a reminder that the dark ages of women’s rights were a very short time ago and not to get complacent!

    • Yes, it is the anniversary- but we knew that more than one day in advance! It still seems quite silly to me to have a proclamation instead of just recognizing the anniversary!

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