What it means to live your bucket list…

A few days ago I wrote about why I don’t like the idea of a bucket list. If you missed it, it’s not that I don’t like the idea of hopes, dreams, or goals. I LOVE all of those things. What I don’t like is the idea of thinking that my life isn’t complete if every one of those things doesn’t come true. I also don’t like the idea of “someday” being more important or special than today. Yesterday was a prime example of the sort of thing I mean.

We have been reading Harry Potter and have become a little obsessed . (Nope, not re-reading, reading for the first time. Yes, I know we are behind.) I was wasting some time online the other day and came across this:

Kings Cross Station tribute to Harry Potter, London

I showed my kids and we all agreed, if we’re ever in London we MUST see this! But the simple truth is that we don’t have the resources to go to London right now, and we just may never get there. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have our fun in the every day. We finished the first book Thursday evening and decided to watch the movie last night. It was a last minute decision but we also decided we wanted to have some fun with it and had an impromtu theme night. We drug out some black curtains to use as a tablecloth, some Halloween trees to create The Forbidden Forest, and test tubes from Kya’s science kit for our potions.

We were already having pizza for dinner so we decided to call our breadsticks “wands” and the sauce “dipping potion”.

We didn’t have time to find actual Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans but that didn’t stop us from printing out a fun flavor sheet to go with the regular jelly beans we bought.

The jelly beans and printer ink were our only expenses; we had everything else on hand or had planned to eat it anyway. We actually do these theme parties quite a bit (most of the time my friend K and her daughter also join in the fun) but it usually happens during the day while Robbie is at work. When I was setting up the table last night he laughed and asked me why I was doing all this. At first I said, “Oh, just for fun.” But when he shook his head and I could tell he thought I was crazy I tried to give a better explanation.

I do these things because there is no reason for the every day not to be fun and special. We may not be able to go to Kings Cross Station but we can create our own tribute right in our kitchen. It took less than 15 minutes and cost less than $5 so, why not? We could have just eaten our pizza and watched the movie but we had an opportunity to make it memorable, for no other reason than we CAN. And as it turned out, the movie we rented was damaged so we didn’t actually get to watch it last night. But no one cared… we had fun anyway!

And tonight, we’ll continue making our every day special and make our way to platform 9 3/4 again. Because we really don’t need to be in London to find our way to the Hogwart’s Express…

We found the platform; we have our tickets.


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