When I was young (thanks in large part to Meg Ryan and Sandra Bullock) I had a skewed sense of love. I thought it was supposed to be flowers, drama and “You complete me,” type speeches. But good grief, who can sustain that for the long haul? Life is full of boring tasks and boring days. No one is making a movie about watching sit-coms, playing board games or taking the kids to dance class but those are the moments that make up big chunks of a relationship. Those are the moments when you have to not just love the other person, but really like them.

Today my hubby and I spent most of the day together, sans kiddos. We watched TV, talked about things we need to get done this week, went to the grocery store, ran errands for our small business… really boring stuff. And it was a great day. Sometimes we were laughing at silly inside jokes, other times we were helping each other with little things. But mostly we were content in silence. We didn’t feel the need to fill it with noise or idle chatter- just us, together was enough. At the end of the night while we were watching TV he absentmindedly reached over to hold my hand. It was this tiny little thing that he didn’t even think about- and it gave me butterflies.

Meg Ryan can suck it- I’d rather have that moment than Tom Hanks on top of the Empire State Building any day.


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