So much to be thankful for…

All month I’ve been participating in the Facebook challenge to post something each day for which I am thankful. I tried to be creative and thoughtful with them, though some days were definitely easier than others. I always have things for which I’m thankful but I was trying to look for something specific in each day instead of half-heartedly throwing up the old stand-bys. Because if it’s half-hearted, what would be the point?!

If you know me in RL, then you’ve already seen all of these- the complete list of my thankful posts for the month of Novemeber: (Yes, I “cheated”- I didn’t want to worry about coming up with a blog post on Thanksgiving but wanted to keep up with my challenge so I’ve been saving this and adding to it all month.)

I have a job which helps me feel connected to people on a regular basis. Specifically for the moments when I’m enrolling new students and get to hear why they came in and share in their hope for the future.

Wine at the end of a long day

The interwebz. I read news, talked to friends, posted to my blog, read other blogs, watched netflix with Jace, and found a delicious recipe for dinner. All thanks to the internet.

Pizza and movie Fridays. A grand tradition in the Nilges household where we eat home made (practically healthy) pizza and watch silly kid movies.

My dishwasher

Wonderful vacations I’ve taken and the pictures I have to help me remember them

Comfy pajamas and a not-so-comfy couch to come home to at the end of the day

I’ve found an amazing circle of women who do a million little things which continue to make homeschooling possible for us. This month specifically, a friend was kind enough to pass along jeans for Kya. If you don’t understand how fantastic that is you’ve obviously never tried to keep growing kids in clothes while also sticking to a tight budget.

Being a part of those “lightbulb” moments when a student suddenly understands something they’ve been struggling with. So exciting.

The awesome homeschool group we are so lucky to be part of. Today was a fabulous field trip but there are also parties, playgroups, co-op, laughter, support, and friendships! My life was upended in the most AMAZING way when I found them.


All the men and women who’ve served in the armed forces . I continue to be hopeful for a future where their service will be called upon less and less.

My amazing and hard-working hubby. He spent the day cutting wood to keep us warm this winter and is grilling our steaks for dinner tonight. He rarely rests or takes a day off (which is sometimes annoying, lol) but still manages to be easy-going and fun to be around most of the time. He not only provides for his family but he also makes us all laugh nearly every day. The kids and I could not ask for a better guy.


Online shopping. If I have to buy a Christmas present this early (because I was afraid it might sell out) at least I can do it in my pjs.

Jace’s appointment with the podiatrist went well this morning. His toenails were seriously ingrown two months ago (the infection had actually gone to the bone!) but today he got a clean bill of health and we don’t have to go back. He is infection free, ingrown toenail free and PAIN free.

My friend, T. Kya has been hanging out with her and E (her daughter) nearly every Tuesday since I started working and I’m not sure how I would have been able to make this transition work without her help. I am EXTREMELY grateful!

I grew up with parents who made being treated with respect and kindness seem like the norm, who believed in me, who tucked me in with bedtime stories. I’m thankful that I had opportunities and good fortune in life, love and my career. Believe me, not everyone is so fortunate.

Kya is back home- especially great since we couldn’t read Harry Potter while she was sleeping at a friend’s. 😉

Randomly bumping into my hubby while running errands. It completely makes my day when I see his face when I’m not expecting to. ?

I got to spend a much needed afternoon with my friend, K. I’m pretty sure we solved all of the world’s problems in just a few hours. 😉

My kids get to grow up living next door to my mom and dad. My kids lives are truly enriched to have grandparents who love spending time with them in their lives on a daily basis. I don’t always love everything about living in a small town but I wouldn’t trade raising my kids near my parents for anything! Love you guys!

My smart, funny, creative, healthy, confident, strong, awesomely amazing kids.

Pinterest and my crockpot. Healthy, tasty meals are so much easier (and therefore happening because I do not enjoy hours in the kitchen) thanks to both!

Lazy days. They are few and far between but usually very welcome when they arrive (especially following sleepless nights).

And finally, one for today…

I am thankful for this blog! I love that I have a place to come and celebrate my victories, purge my bad days and connect with people.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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