Now I’m ready…

I’ve resisted the premature jump to Christmas but now that Thanksgiving has officially passed I’m ready to get into the holiday spirit. So far I have:

  • come up with ideas for daily advent activities. Most of them free, all of them based on being together. Lots of memories waiting to be made!
  • bought some decorations including those cool window gels and a new tree topper.
  • watched our first Christmas movie of the season. The Elf on a Shelf movie debuted tonight. It was terrible. We had to watch it anyway.
  • set our Tivo to record each and every holiday special that is coming up in the next few weeks. Many of them will be terrible as well. We’ll watch them all.
  • put away our fall themed books and pulled out the Christmas ones.

I was irritated by the Christmas trees mingling with the ghosts and goblins back in October but now I’m ready- bring on the holiday cheer!


One response to “Now I’m ready…

  1. It drove my husband nuts when we were looking for Halloween costumes there were Christmas trees next to them in the stores! It also drove him nuts that Christmas music has been playing on the radio since the 1st of November, too. I don’t like it either, in fact I think cusomers should refuse to shop at stores that promote this type of Christmas force…but it won’t happen. It is not the society we live in. Sad, really. Probably one of the reasons many people suffer from the holiday blues after the holidays are over because they have been crammed in our face for 3 months end on end.

    But…I’m have my tree & decorations up now, too. I’m ready now to celebrate (after I purchase all the presents first!)

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