Lucky, lucky me…

At times it seems we have nothing in common, this husband of mine and I.

He is proud of his redneck roots while I tend to view the world through a wider lens.

I like to travel, he likes to stay home.

I like to be social (well, with the right people anyway), he prefers to be on his own.

He is a doer, I am a thinker.

He likes country and cheesy rock, I like alternative and cheesy pop.

He likes medical and cop procedurals, I like sci-fi mysteries.

He likes romantic comedies, I prefer documentaries.

And yet, at the end of the day it is each other who we most want to see, to spend time with. It doesn’t matter that he sleeps through my movies and I read through his TV shows. It doesn’t matter that I sometimes take vacations without him so I can see and do all the things I want without dragging him along in misery. What matters is character. Generosity, kindness, acceptance, humor, respect, responsiblity. Those are things that run deeper than liking the same movies. Sometimes I can hardly believe we are so lucky to have figured this out, together.


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