There is no war on Christmas…

Christmas is literally everywhere you go. It has been hanging around since late October and is apparently a bit randy because it has multiplied like a bunny in spring. There are lights, music, nativities, recitals, sales, decorations, trees and Santas all around us. And every year there seems to be more, more, MORE.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not complaining. I LOVE Christmas. What I do not love is that every year around this time there is a huge uproar over the use of “Happy Holidays” vs. “Merry Christmas”. There are those who believe that a war has been declared on Christmas and that the evil secularists are trying to steal their sacred holiday (perhaps this is the fueled by a guilty conscious producing fear since most Christmas traditions were stolen from other religions but I digress).

This all began because a few years ago when an executive at Wal-mart decided that instead of wishing customers a Merry Christmas while taking their money the associates should instead use the more encompassing happy holidays. Presumably this was done because they didn’t want to offend anyone who might in turn take their money elsewhere. It was a business decision, pure and simple. Certainly no one ever suggested that private citizens should stop saying Merry Christmas.

And yet this is what we are repeatedly told we, as private citizens, must fight against. There are news stories, both in print and on television, about this imaginary “war” (meanwhile we have actual wars going on and people dying but again, I digress). Every day my Facebook newsfeed has copy and paste status updates with people defiantly declaring that they will continue to say Merry Christmas despite what the misguided masses suggest. But where are these masses? I haven’t seen a single news story or copy/paste status demanding that people say happy holidays. The reason this continues to be discussed isn’t because of people who don’t want to be told Merry Christmas, it’s because of people who demand that they ONLY be told Merry Christmas.

The real irony here is that because the opposition has been so fierce happy holidays has actually picked up some momentum and is being more widely used. I, for one, am now much more acutely aware that it’s kind of silly to wish people a Merry Christmas who may not celebrate the holiday. It would be like walking around on July 24th every year insisting that everyone have a happy birthday and being offended if they merely say a generic good morning. After all, it’s MY birthday and people who don’t recognize this and accept my birthday wishes are obviously trying to take my day away from me! It is my humble opinion that insisting absolutely everyone have a Merry Christmas, regardless of their own beliefs or traditions, is equally ridiculous.

Up next: Addressing those who think this is an example of liberal political correctness gone too far…


2 responses to “There is no war on Christmas…

  1. What is interesting/amusing to me, is that I say happy holidays not because of some agenda or political statement, but because by saying it I’m thinking of the whole HOLIDAY SEASON–thanksgiving and new year too! (and solstice for our family and other holidays for other backgrounds). I answer the phone with Merry Christmas ON Christmas. I say Merry Christmas when we’re about a week or less away. The rest of the time I say Happy Holidays, because I’m referring to all of them, not just one, and I hope they’re all good for everyone 🙂

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