I need your feedback, please vote!

I’m having second thoughts about adding the low-carb tab. I like the idea of a place to get all of these ideas out and I know some others are interested. However, I’m not sure it meshes well with the other posts going on here. I’m also not overly enthusiastic about not being able to really organize the posts on the tabbed page.

I’m still not sure though so I’d like some feedback. Vote in the poll. Results not binding. 😉


5 responses to “I need your feedback, please vote!

  1. I changed my mind about my vote. I think you should keep it all here. This is advice based on my own exp trying to maintain multiple blogs–I decided to centralize all content to one. I can maintain one blog really well, or four blogs haphazardly. You might have a different experience, but that’s my revised two cents. Maybe you can make the low carb info be a static page and then manually add links to your relevant posts, so that it is organized the way you want? Might be too much extra work, or it might make the single location work well…

    • Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate your advice based on your own experience.

      My main concern is that the regular blog postings are more about digging deeper and my thought process as I figure things out and the low-carb stuff seemed out of place somehow. It is related to the year of challenges but even those tend to be more about what I’m learning through them than just the practicality of it.

      So, any thoughts on the continuity aspect?

  2. Use a text widget in the sidebar that explains–something like: “this blog is mainly about digging deeper and my 30 day challenge projects. it also offers a variety of low-carb ideas. To access those, click here.” Then, that side box shows up with every post and no one will get confused? Maybe? I don’t know–I’m thinking of trying to re-organized my own site soon too…

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