The Real Challenge

I am well into day 4 of this challenge and I’m doing fine so far. I haven’t updated daily because I don’t want to bore anyone with, “Still doing okay- see you tomorrow,” type posts so I’ll probably limit myself to posting about the challenges when I really feel as if I have something worth sharing. I honestly wasn’t sure how much internal growth and dialogue would exist on this challenge but, as usual, there is always something new to learn about myself when I’m willing.

Yesterday temptations seemed to be everywhere. I guess temptations is a strong word because I wasn’t so much tempted as simply aware enough not to eat absentmindedly. I realize that I have gotten to a point where I was justifying eating A LOT of carbs by telling myself that “once-in-a-while” is okay. The trouble was that I wasn’t really keeping track and once in a while had become a regular habit. I would grab something here and there without thinking and later wouldn’t necessarily remember and grab something else. This challenge is helping me become aware of that.

This challenge has already helped me realize that choosing low-carb foods is not always my first instinct. Just yesterday this was demonstrated when:

  • I thought (again) about toast with my eggs.
  • I was hungry after work and needed a snack, something with carbs would have been the cheapest, easiest option and was what I thought of first.
  • I went to Panera while my daughter was in dance class so I could use the wi-fi. I just had coffee but I really wanted a muffin to go with it.
  • I made pizza for dinner. I always make my own crustless or alternative crust version but often I’ll have a regular piece anyway. Or I’ll absently eat the crusts Jace leaves on his plate.
  • Robbie had some cookies before bed and I almost reached to have one.

In each of these instances I had to consciously stop and make a decision not to eat those things because it is just not instinctual for me at this point. So, I guess what I’ve learned so far is that the real challenge isn’t deprivation; it’s awareness.


4 responses to “The Real Challenge

  1. I didn’t avoid carbs at Panera, but I did manage to limit myself to just a cookie (grudgingly shared with C) and a Chai Tea Latte. I also felt horribly sick afterwards. I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere….

  2. I admire your honesty! Awareness is key as well as acceptance.

    I understand the necessity to stay aware. Convenience and attraction are my issues. If it’s convenient and it’s something I used to eat (chips, fries, ice cream) I’m drawn to it. I have to do my best to find alternatives quickly – at least while I’m in the transition phase back to ‘no simple carbs at all’. At least I hope this break hasn’t broken my will. Before just hiding from temptation for few days has been enough to inoculate me from the attraction. I empty the house of my trigger foods and stay out of the stores for that short period of time. Yesterday was hard for me. We were at ‘the big mall with the apple store’ and there was temptation everywhere. Thank goodness we were busy and occupied until dinner time when I found grilled chicken and veggies at the food court. Isabella giggled as I zoomed past ice cream and french fries and straight to the chicken and veg I’d eaten when we were there last.

    • Yes, convenience is a big issue for me as well! It also seem to have a more difficult time getting back into the groove with each ‘slip’. (There’s actually a great psychological study about the reasons for this but I don’t know where I read it…)

      Glad you found something in the food court- the smells alone at a mall make it difficult!

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