17 Years

I got married 17 years ago today. I was only 19  and had NO idea what I was doing or getting myself into. Man, did I luck out.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all about luck- we both had to learn to compromise without disappearing, to communicate our needs without eclipsing the needs of the other, to be individuals within a strong partnership. We were also both willing to stick it out while we learned these things; sometimes together, sometimes individually. The lucky part was that after we figured it all (ha!) out we looked at each other and still liked what we saw. That’s kind of huge because there have been plenty of people I’ve invited into my life only to realize I didn’t really want them there once I saw who they really were. So, I consider myself really lucky that didn’t happen with the guy I chose to marry.

Tonight we’re going out to dinner and I’m giving him a cheesy gift I saw on pinterest. A deck of cards with a reason I love him printed on each one. The box says “52 Reasons I Love You”. I know he won’t read this and that you guys won’t tell so I’ll just go ahead and share them with you. Try not to be too jealous of his awesomeness.

1. You smell great.
2. You make me laugh.
3. You put up with my crazy.
4. You are the hardest working person I know.
5. You are an amazing dad.
6. You accept me just the way I am.
7. I like you guys but I’m not telling you number 7. 😉
8. You make me feel beautiful.
9. You make me feel strong.
10. You support my ideas even when you don’t always understand why they are so important to me.
11. When I wanted to stay home with the kids you stepped up to be the sole bread-winner without batting an eye.
12. You’ve seen me at my worst and you still stuck around
13. You are loyal and faithful.
14. You put up with my messy habits.
15. We can just sit and be quiet together.
16. You are a really good kisser.
17. You like to sit close to me, even when you have a more comfortable chair.
18. You go places and do things you don’t really want to, just to make me happy.
19. After all this time, you still hold my hand.
20. You kiss me when you leave and when you get home.
21. You listen to me rant about things you don’t really care about.
22. You know how to calm me down when I’m getting worked up over things out of my control.
23. You have always instinctively known that we are partners and in this together, even when I hadn’t figured it out yet.
24. You respect me, even when you disagree with me.
25. You are so devoted to our family.
26. Even though you may jokingly say otherwise, your actions show that you are always willing to help others.
27. You are so sure of yourself and confident in who you are.
28. You always help when I ask you to, and sometimes when I don’t.
29. You are so good at fixing things and putting things together.
30. You are willing to sacrifice things you want for the good of our family.
31. You bring out the best in me; being with you makes me a better person.
32. Your strengths fill in the gaps of my weaknesses making us an incredible team.
33. You rarely get angry or overly emotional- your calmness helps me remain calm.
34. You are pretty easy on the eyes. 😉
35. You are patient with me, even when I’m being irrational.
36. You are still just a kid at heart.
37. Hearing your voice makes me smile
38. The distinctive sound of your footsteps coming in the door at the end of the day makes my heart skip a beat.
39. You like to cuddle but also respect that I just can’t sleep like that.
40. You helped me learn to laugh at myself and not take the little things too seriously.
41. The looks we give each other when we’re thinking the same thing.
42. When we say the same thing at the same time and then we both say, “Knock it off!”
43. Being with you feels comfortable and safe.
44. We have this history that binds us together.
45. I love that we’ve been together longer than we’ve been apart.
46. You always listen to what I have to say and consider my ideas important.
47. You appreciate me.
48. There’s no drama in our story, just love.
49. You do a million little things to look out for me, like plugging in my cell phone or checking my tire pressure.
50. When I’m with you I can just be myself and never have to try to impress you.
51. You are always honest, not just with me but with everyone.
52. You do all of these things without a lot of effort; it’s just who you are.


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