A brief update…

A friend asked about my progress with my 30 day challenge a few days ago and commented that I hadn’t posted about it in a while. It’s true, I haven’t. This is mostly due to the fact that I’ve been doing well and it seems boring to post that. So, as far as challenges go, no news is good news. 😉

Since she asked though I thought some of my readers might also be interested so, at the risk of boring you all to tears I thought I’d offer a brief update. I have learned a few things with this challenge as well as being reminded of some things I thought I’d already learned.

  • It’s vital to have plenty of low-carb snacks on hand for when the munchies strike. It’s really easy to say I just won’t snack but that isn’t the reality, at least not right now. When I feel hungry I want to eat. I don’t want to push it down until it’s “time” to eat. That is unhealthy, disordered eating for someone with food issues and I won’t ignore hunger cues. So, if I don’t keep LC snacks on hand I end up searching for anything. I haven’t actually caved at this point because of this but it’s been close a few times.
  • Some foods are just too tempting. Remember when I posted a while back that I’d slipped because of the tater-tot casserole. I was hungry and it was the most convenient food I could find. But I also really like it. It is junky and full of not only carbs but also sodium and preservatives and a whole host of other bad-for-me things. And I still really like it. I won’t make it again while I’m doing this challenge because I recognize that it’s one of those foods I just can’t resist.
  • I don’t think it’s realistic to think I’m going to 100% avoid carbs for the rest of my life but now I see that my once-in-a-while limit is probably about once a month. The tater-tot slip and evaluating how I felt after and why gave me a better understanding of what “once-in-a-while” really means. I went back to eating well and recovered quickly without major issues. The cravings didn’t return and two days later it was if the slip never happened. This is not the case when I’m eating carbs more frequently so I know that once a month is okay, more is not.
  • I have known for a while, but always manage to forget, that I do better with clearly defined guidelines. Arbitrary terms like “once-in-a-while” don’t work for me and I have a tendency to over-indulge. I kind of wish I could be more free and loose but it’s just not who I am and I have to work within my personality, not against it.
  • I have to find better ways to make LC work within my budget. Previously I was bouncing back and forth between healthy and cheap. I have to be able to do both. I’m slowly but surely figuring that out (and trying to keep those of you who are interested up to date on what I’m learning).

So, I have nine days left in this challenge and I’m pretty confident that I’ll finish with no more mis-steps. But I’m equally confident that whatever happens I’ll be able to learn from it.


5 responses to “A brief update…

  1. Have you thought about configuring your day around six small meals rather than three meals and a snack now and then? When G eats that way his blood sugars stay under great control because his pancreas has less pressure to produce enough insulin to match the bigger meals with a longer time between them. It would mean eating differently than the rest of your family but I thought I’d throw it out there for you to consider.

    Congrats and good luck with the last nine days.

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