Day 30

Here I am, day 30 of this first challenge of the new year. You already know I slipped. You already know what I’ve learned this time. You don’t know that after the first slip there was also a chicken enchilada that called my name. I had mine over caulirice, the family had theirs wrapped in a tortilla. One of the leftover tortillas was my lunch the next day when I was hungry. I was embarrassed to admit it but lying about food, especially to myself, is a slippery slope and I won’t take that ride again.

I’m still chalking this challenge up as a success. My goals are never about perfection but instead about progress. I’d fallen far away from eating the things I know I should in order to feel good and keep my blood sugar under control. I’ve found my way back and that is success.

31 days in this month so I’ll have an extra day before I start my new challenge. I’ll be food journaling so I don’t undo the progress I’ve made this month. You might see a few more updates as I share some of the insights from the journal- it won’t just be a log of what I’m eating but also observations about how I’m feeling so I can try to make connections between the two.


2 responses to “Day 30

    • I just pinned a printable that I’m going to get copied and use for the challenge I think. I have a little notebook that I used before but I’m a sucker for a free/cheap organizational tool. I like the printable because it keeps everything so neat which will be easier to refer back to than what I was doing before.

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