After just a few days of keeping a food journal I’ve already rediscovered something that I keep forgetting- I eat when I’m bored. This is a problem because I’m also easily bored. I’ve always been this way and I think it must be genetic because I hear it from my daughter frequently. I see now why my mother was so exasperated when I’d complain, “I’m BORED!”

It isn’t just a feeling of mild discontent- it’s a feeling of near desperation to do something INTERESTING. I feel physically tense and frustrated when I’m bored, I get short tempered, I feel anxious and trapped. However, the truth is that in my current situation  there isn’t much to be done about it. I can’t be placated with a walk on the road I’ve walked a thousand times. Or with housework. I need novelty. It’s one of the reasons I love travel so much- even a day trip will bring exposure to new ideas and ways of seeing the world. Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources to get that as often as I seem to need/want it. I try finding satisfaction in day trips but even those cost money (especially in the winter) and require a lot of driving from where we live.

So, I developed the very unhealthy habit of eating that uncomfortable feeling of boredom. I wish knowing that was enough to be able to just stop.


5 responses to “Bored

  1. Blog reading remedies my boredom (and planning trips). Today I forgot to eat most of the day because I got so involved with reading blogs and writing about a trip to Thailand. Of course, that isn’t good either, but it’s better than mindless eating.

    Maybe everytime you get bored, you could write a review for or read a travel blog (or write a travel post).

    • Those are all great ideas- and I do them all, lol! I actually have three vacations I’m planning and I don’t think I can get any more ahead of myself than a year and a half out. I’ve done travel reviews as well and one of my very first attempts at blogging was a travel blog that was intended to be for reviews of day trips as well as big trips. It was a bit depressing though because I so rarely had the chance to update…

      I definitely know what you mean about forgetting to eat and do that at times myself if I find something interesting. I think I’m the only person I know who LOSES weight on vacation because I’m just so happy to be out and doing new things that I don’t even think about food.

      I read a lot, browse the internet a lot, plan a lot… it all just gets old after a while though, ya know? I guess I need a new hobby…

    • Thanks- I think I just need to get back to my evening classes! That would help a lot. And K and I enjoyed a day trip today that was just fun enough to break up the day without being so overwhelming that we wouldn’t want to do it again soon. The truth is I HAVE a fun hobby (travel) I just have to be more creative about working it into daily life- blog post coming about that!

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