Hmmm… maybe those Nike commercials are on to something.

So far this challenge is proving to be really productive. In just 7 short days I feel as if I’ve gained some insight into myself and have figured out some things I need to change and be more proactive about. This wasn’t even part of the plan- a happy bonus!

I was bored so I was eating. I’m not really sure why this took me by surprise since I’ve already “learned” this lesson before. I think it has something to do with work- I was stimulated by my new job and then my hours were temporarily cut back. At first this wasn’t a big deal because it was the holidays and there was plenty to keep me busy. But then the holidays were over, the temporary hiatus from evening classes continued longer than anticipated and I didn’t think to find ways to replace these activities.

The food journal helped me see the pattern but it also helped me see that I needed to do something about it- not just for my mental state but also for my physical health. I started researching and realized that there are plenty of things to do if I am willing to put forth a bit of effort. I also realized that more than one day per week without leaving the house at all is probably too much. I need stimulation that I can’t get at this little house in the country (no matter how much I enjoy the quiet and serenity- sometimes it isn’t enough). I started looking up ideas for low-budget day trips and plan to make the most of any free time we have.

So, yesterday my daughter and I drove to a museum that had been on my list of things to do for a few years but somehow we never managed to make it there. It seemed too far to drive for a small pocket museum, gas was too expensive, we needed to do things at home, the drive is tiring, I didn’t want to leave J home on another day (and he didn’t want to go with us, again). The list of excuses was long but I decided to just do it.

And we had a great time.

K studying the wall of notes and specimen bags at the Museum of Archeology on the MU Campus


7 responses to “Hmmm… maybe those Nike commercials are on to something.

  1. Oh, cool! I’m glad you found something that worked for you.

    I think it is funny that I’ve had the exact opposite realization about myself today–again, something I already “knew”–which is that being gone from home two days in a row just tips me over the edge. I MUST be home more than I’m gone, otherwise I just go downhill, become stressed, don’t take good care of myself, am crabby and irritable, etc.

  2. Thanks, but I think the fact that I seem to have a complete mental block to actually keeping the journal is probably more telling than I want to acknowledge. I’m fairly sure that I just don’t want to know exactly what I’m eating that is causing all the problems because I will no longer be able to be so blasΓ¨ about it. Damn.

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