How many times must I “learn” these things…

The food journal is proving to be quite eye opening. Not necessarily to new information but to my apparent inability to retain and/or act upon information I already know!

I’ve already discovered that boredom is a key factor in poor food choices and yesterday I was reminded of yet another trigger- extreme hunger.

I had a change in routine yesterday that resulted in being in town longer than I normally am. This was coupled with being a bit broke from that short term cut back at work I’ve mentioned before. I didn’t plan well for the amount of time I’d be in town and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on food either. And I paid dearly for it later.

It may be difficult for someone who doesn’t have disordered eating patterns to understand (or maybe it isn’t, I have no idea what is “normal” when it comes to food so maybe this is) but when I get overly hungry I go into survival mode. My body and brain think I’m going to start starving them so to make up for it my instincts tell me to eat anything and everything I can. It’s difficult to explain how urgent the need seems to be at times like this but my rational brain simply shuts down.

In hindsight I should have brought more healthy snacks or just bought myself a snack while I was at the skating rink with my kids instead of trying to hold off and not spend the $3. Funny how it’s all so clear in hindsight.


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