This challenge is kicking my arse!

I started off really well but I think perhaps TOO well- the journaling was giving me a lot of insight and was extremely revealing and I think I got overwhelmed by the information and trying to process/deal with it. Partially because most of the time I feel like I have ALREADY dealt with my food issues and the realization that some things are still there, lurking that I’m unsure how to fix was really disconcerting. So, I haven’t done very well with the journaling.

I’m going to jump back in today though with a few tweaks. I’m going back to my chunky little notebook I keep in my purse instead of the print-out I was using before. There are a couple of reasons for this but the main one being that my notebook is always ready and it’s easy to “forget” to print out a new page and then have a handy excuse not to journal. I also ordered some new test strips for my glucose meter so I’m going to start including some glucose readings in the journal in addition to my food.

Time to get back on the horse…


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