Tweaking This Challenge

I haven’t been doing a great job with this challenge. I have gained some insights from it but the actual practice of journaling has been far from consistent this month. So, I’ve decided to add some elements to my journaling that I think will help.

  1. Blood Glucose levels: A few months ago I went to the doctor and had a pretty good A1C level (blood test that gives you an overview of your average blood glucose levels over time). And then I completely fell of the wagon with my food choices! My test strips expired and it has really been “out of sight, out of mind” ever since. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still AWARE and I eat far fewer carbs than I used to. Plus I did pretty well during my 30 day no simple carb challenge. But I was hoping that challenge would “re-set” my eating habits and it didn’t. And it shows. I finally got some new test strips and it was not good folks. Time to get serious again. So, I’ll be testing again. The plan is to test my fasting BG level each morning as well as some post-prandial testing (after eating) on some foods I’ve introduced to my diet on the assumption they’d be okay. For example, I know I can eat meatloaf made with oatmeal instead of crackers so I’ve *assumed* oatmeal for breakfast would be fine. Nope, not at all okay, my BG skyrocketed after a bowl of oatmeal! This is why testing new foods is so important. Which I knew but chose to “forget”.
  2. Steps: Recently I’ve been trying to incorporate more exercise into my daily routine. I’m not necessarily referring to working out; I mean simply moving more as I go about my daily life. Choosing the stairs over the elevator, choosing a parking spot that is further away, leaving the car parked whenever possible, etc. I haven’t been great about this though because it hasn’t been quantifiable. So, when a Facebook friend started posting her (very impressive) pedometer results it inspired me. I was going to start yesterday but I had so many errands that I didn’t have time to go buy the pedometer. I’m going today though and my step count is going into my journal. For now I’ll just be recording and getting a baseline; once that is established I’ll add some goals for the number of steps I want to reach each day.

Because this challenge hasn’t gone so well I’m extending it into the next one. March was supposed to be testing my glucose levels anyway so I’ll just start that one a few days early and keep trying with this one. I tend to do better when I’m dealing with concrete numbers than I do with abstract goals so I think these adjustments to the challenge will help.

Progress, not perfection!


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