Dear Jace,

Today you are thirteen. You are my beautiful boy (and I know you won’t like that I called you beautiful but it’s true).

Right now you are passionate about all things gaming. You play, you study, you create, you design, you research, you practice, you communicate. Some people don’t understand gaming and think it’s a waste of time but I see how much it gives you and I see you becoming well rounded and learning leaps and bounds BECAUSE of your passion, not IN SPITE of it. I’m happy you have friends who share your interests and also challenge you to try new things. I’m happy we’ve found a place for you to go and be with new people who share that interest and you can talk with them and get to know people of all ages who validate who you are and what you care about. I want you to always know that what you love is good enough.

A few surprising changes have happened this year. This reminds me that being your mom will always keep me on my toes.  You’ve gone from sleeping on a mattress at the foot of our bed to your  own room to your man-cave in the basement in just a few short months. You’ve gone from being a total homebody to venturing out to your new favorite place, Pixelated, and even coming to playgroup once in a while. But most surprising of all is how much you’ve matured emotionally. You know how to deal with your emotions now without over reacting, you know how to take other people’s feelings into consideration without diminishing your own, you know to take life with a grain of salt and laugh at yourself once in a while. In short, you’re growing up.

A few things I want to hold onto and remember from this year- you love gaming and all things Legos. My homemade fajitas are your favorite food (and you think no one can make them as well as me). You enjoy cooking dinner from time to time. We love reading Harry Potter and watching Doctor Who together. You still like to say words in a funny ways like calling fajitas “fajitlers” and saying “Good newt,” instead of good night (which has now become ood-gay ewt-nay as a hold over from a pig latin phase). You are starting to pull away from hugs and kisses but will still sometimes hold my had while watching TV or riding in the car. When you do decide to hug me you give GREAT hugs. You get along really well with your sister- most of the time. You enjoy spending time with Grandma and Grandpa and walk over to their house nearly every day.

There are many things about you that remind me of myself. You are a curious and seek novelty. You analyze everything- books, TV, news stories and try to understand the motivation behind them. You trust in the rational and logical. Your memory for obscure details is astounding but you’ll often forget why you went into the kitchen. You have a quick temper but are just as quick to forgive and move on. You love your family above all else. These are all pieces of myself I see in you.

I also see your dad in you. You are sarcastic and funny. You have high expectations of yourself and others. You prefer to work alone and figure things out for yourself.

This is not to say that you are just pieces of us- you are uniquely you and I am so incredibly lucky to be your mom. I am not only amazed by you but I am a better person because of you. I am more patient, more compassionate, more inquisitive, more able to question the status quo- all because of you.

Happy birthday my beautiful boy- I can hardly wait to see what new adventures this year will bring.




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