Small Changes for a Big Difference

It’s the fourth of the month and I realized I hadn’t officially written about this month’s challenge. I did comment last month that I was going to start a few days early as well as extend last month’s challenge a bit. So far that’s going well and I’ve also added a few other things. I have eased into the year as originally planned but some of the changes felt a little slow in coming.

This means I’m going to have to come up with new and better ideas for some of the upcoming months. I’m good with that- the list I came up with at the beginning of the year was a rough draft. Life happens, things change and so our expectations/goals also have to change- that’s why I wanted to do 12 monthly challenges instead of one for the entire year. But my overall goal of better health remains unchanged as does my approach of many small changes totally big differences.

So, what am I doing right now? Lots of things!

  • No simple carbs! (Well, almost none- I did have a piece of J’s birthday cake.) This means no sugar, no flour, no potatoes, no rice.
  • I’m doing daily yoga practice and wearing a pedometer to keep track of my steps in the day. Soon I’ll probably set a goal for steps but for now I’m simply trying to get a baseline of what’s average for me.
  • I’m taking my Metformin each morning to help lower my glucose a bit more. The numbers aren’t bad and I’m not spending time in the organ-damage-causing 140 and above range as long as I’m eating right. But my fasting numbers are in the 120s and I’d like to see them a bit lower.
  • I’ve increased my fruit and veggie intake. I’m not counting it specifically but going with the general rule that when I’m hungry between meals I eat only fruits and veggies and I’m also trying to cook with them more. (I have a few recipes to share I just haven’t had time yet.) I know this approach is working because I share a weekly produce box with my mom and I used to have some left-over food that would inevitably go to waste. Now, we finish the entire box before we get the next one.
  • Journaling: At this point I’m keeping track of my fasting blood glucose, post-prandial (after eating) glucose when trying new foods, step count, yoga practice, taking my meds and a list of what I’ve eaten. I’ve dropped the feelings and am using my small-chunky notebook instead of the print-outs and it seems to be easier for me to keep up with.

That’s it- nothing earth shattering but many small things. So, my challenge for this month is to continue with ALL of these for at least 30 days. Wish me luck!


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