The last thing I bought (for myself)…

I’ve completely dropped the ball for the last few days with this challenge. There are a variety of reasons.

  • The multiple technical difficulties with WordPress frustrated me.
  • As I got to the middle of the month I lost a bit of my initial enthusiasm for the project.
  • Some of the subjects on the list seemed boring. Or at least my ideas for them were boring and I don’t like posting boring pictures.
  • I think the concept of the 30 day challenge may be losing some of it’s impact with me. I generally do it to keep from getting bored but I have a lot going on right now so that isn’t an issue. Plus, I’ve done a lot of them, some with good results, some without. I may be burning myself out on the idea.

But, I want to finish. So, today I’m picking up where I left off. I’ve missed a few days and I’m going to *try* to make up for those by posting two pics on a few days. For today though, only one.

The subject: The last thing I bought…

I went grocery shopping yesterday and bought quite a few things. But I got myself a treat… sugar free chocolates! I have avoided them in the past because I’ve read that the sugar alcohols could still spike my blood glucose. But, I’ve been indulging in chocolates lately and realized that these HAVE to be better for my glucose levels than the Hershey’s kisses my husband keeps in his lunch box. I was right- no significant spikes after having a few pieces of these. I’m sure if I over-indulged it wouldn’t be good but a few seems to be fine. Hurray!


3 responses to “The last thing I bought (for myself)…

  1. Remember – for folks w/diabetes the word is not ‘indulge’ when we eat sugar. The word is ‘poison’. So instead of saying “I’ve been indulging in chocolates lately” it’s really “I’ve been poisoning myself w/ chocolates lately”. Once I learned to think like this, that chocolate gets a lot less appetizing. We all have our own ‘trigger’ foods that we can’t resist, but for me it’s not candy.

    The sugar free chocolates use sugar-alcohols IIRC, and yes, they’ll cause a bit of ‘gastric distress’. Treat ’em with care. Again, not as big a treat for me as for others.

    FWIW, my own daily treat is a handful of raw almonds. Roasted almonds are fine, I just like the raw ones and they keep well. I could suggest cashews as a good alternative, but in my case I eat cashews like a madman. Can’t resist ’em so I just don’t buy ’em. But the raw almonds? 30 or so = an ounce, good and good for me. Recommended.

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