Dear Kya,

You are twelve today and it almost takes my breath away. You are growing by leaps and bounds- nearly as tall as me now and more beautiful every day. This year has been full of change for you and you amaze me sometimes with your maturity, wisdom and humor.You are truly one of my favorite people to spend time with. You always make me laugh, have an innate understanding of right and wrong and have the most amazing sense of self.

Your confidence shines through and draws people to you. I love that you love yourself and that you are not afraid to tell people that you think you are amazing. You assumption that other people feel the same way about themselves is what keeps you in the realm of confident instead of cocky. Others can see themselves through your eyes and know that they are also amazing. What a great gift this is.

Your humor and ability to be silly is infectious. When I’m stressed or having a bad day you can always make me laugh. You don’t care much for melodrama, on TV or in real life, and whenever you encounter it you usually try to find a way to laugh about it. You help me do the same- when I’m frustrated with other drivers in the car you will suggest that we turn the radio up and sing as loudly and badly as we can because, “How can you not feel better when you’re having that much fun?” You seem to have been born knowing that being silly and laughing at ourselves is a way to feel better. Another amazing gift.

You are slowly but surely shedding a lot of your girlish interests. You still love American Girl, but perhaps not quite as much. I haven’t seen much of the Barbies or babies lately either. Instead you love music, being with your friends, crafts, fashion (and it’s companion shopping), Cardinal baseball and riding the four-wheeler with your dad. You continue to love being on the go, ballet and dream of Paris. Speaking of dreams… you aren’t afraid to dream big. Please, please, PLEASE hold onto that forever.

Happy twelfth birthday; I hope you have a fantastic day and even more fantastic year!

I mustache you a question… how did you get to be so awesome?




2 responses to “Twelve

  1. Made me cry! She IS a fabulous girl, with an equally fabulous mother.
    I’ve been working on Leslee’s birthday post but can’t seem to finish it…

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