Taming Wanderlust

I’ve always had a bit of wanderlust. My mother says that even when I was a little girl I constantly wanted to go, see, do. This continues into my adult life and I generally make many sacrifices, great and small, so I can get out into this great big world as much as possible. I love the adventure, the possibility, the discovery and the way the world melts away when I’m in a new place. Lately, however, I find myself feeling more drawn to bringing some of those feelings home.

Don’t misunderstand, I still love travel and probably always will but I’m beginning to realize that I want to enjoy more on a daily basis instead of just a few weeks or long weekends per year. I know I can’t necessarily bring adventure and discovery home, but shouldn’t home already be a place where the world melts away? Why haven’t I already created this in my home? The answer to that, I realized, is that I’ve spent so much time planning my next big adventure that I sometimes forget to enjoy the one I’m having.

This renewed focus of time, energy and money began recently when my husband and I went away for a romantic weekend. When I was researching where we would stay one thing seemed more important than anything else- a private patio or balcony with a nice view. I wanted us to be able to sit outside in the evening and enjoy the twilight as we talked and enjoyed each other’s company. It was a good call, if I do say so myself, because of all of the fun things we did that weekend (and there were a lot) sitting out on that patio was my favorite part.

Here we are, enjoying that perfect patio which I searched so hard to find.

After being home for a few days and wistfully wishing we could have more weekends like that I realized that we could, at least partially. We might not have the time or money to slip away together every weekend for hikes, spelunking, spas and scenic plane tours (yes, we crammed all of those activities into one weekend!) but the best part, the part where we simply enjoyed the beauty of nature, a few drinks and especially each other’s company, that we could have whenever we wanted.

So, I started thinking; what could we do to bring the best part of our trip home? How could I find balance between my love of travel and my new found love of home? I have always funneled as much of our budget as I can into travel. Whether it’s for day trips, weekend get aways or full blown family vacations I want to go, go, go and it’s how I’ve always chosen to prioritize our spending (after saving and essentials of course). But now I’ve begun to question this. I’d always felt that travel is the best way to spend extra money but perhaps it’s only one of the best ways, not the best way. Perhaps the vacation budget needs to make way for some stay-cation fun.

After mulling this over for a bit I realized that we needed to make our barren, sun soaked deck more inhabitable and in order to do that what we need most is shade. And shade was going to cost money. Money that I’d already earmarked for another weekend getaway and a new camera to capture the memories. I honestly was torn. I’d already been looking at pictures of bed and breakfasts in our local wine country and had the trip nearly planned in my mind. My wanderlust was not going to go quietly but would instead keep me awake, questioning my priorities, wondering how best to spend this little bit of money I had set aside. In the past I’ve clung to my love of travel and new experiences but, for some reason, not this time.

Perhaps I’ve finally accepted that our life is never going to include as much travel as I’d like so I need to shift my focus. Perhaps it has to do with growing older and feeling more settled. Perhaps it has to do with how much my marriage has grown and our relationship has deepened. Whatever the reason, or combination of reasons, I knew that this time I was going to forgo that bed and breakfast with the private deck and instead enjoy countless mornings where I can rise from my own bed, fix my own breakfast and enjoy it on my own deck.

R was apparently on the same page because when I (somewhat apprehensively) started to broach the subject of building a shade pergola (apprehension because he’s the one who has to do all of the actual work) he beat me too the punch. I got home from work one evening and joined him on the couch about to ask him what he thought of the idea when he turned to me and said, “You know, I’ve been thinking that I could probably build you some shade on the deck.”

Wow. ❤ He’s not much of a talker and would never wax poetic about how fantastic that time on the patio was. But he will always, ALWAYS find a way to express things in his own way.

I’m still waiting for the pergola because it’s simply too hot to be working outside right now. But I’ve been gathering some things here and there as well as receiving a few gifts. Twinkle lights, candles, a citronella lantern. Soon I’ll have the deck of my dreams to share with the man of my dreams.

Who needs one weekend away when I can have that on a regular basis?




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