Finding My Voice

I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog and I’m not sure I’ll have any readers left but here goes…

There are a few reasons for my absence, mostly adjusting to a new schedule and having difficulty finding a way to fit blogging into that schedule. But that’s not the only reason- it’s also because during the time leading up to the election I didn’t feel like adding to all of the NOISE.

One of my biggest struggles as a writer is knowing where the line is between sharing and pushing. I despise having other people’s agendas pushed on me with no regard for my own experience or ideals. Therefore, I have a difficult time sharing things I’m passionate about for fear that I won’t recognize in myself the qualities that irritate me in others. I do think it’s important to be true to ourselves but that doesn’t just mean speaking my mind, it means being true to ALL of the values I hold dear, including those concerning respect for EVERY person. Even those with whom I strongly disagree.

The struggle between these seemingly conflicting ideals has paralyzed my writing for a while. However, I’ve recently realized that I will only be able to find balance in this area if I actually practice and refine my writing. So, I’m jumping back into the blogosphere with the intention to update every Sunday evening. There may be more posts but my commitment to myself, as well as my readers, is to post on Sunday evening. Hopefully I’ll find my voice but learn to temper it to suit my own sensibilities concerning respect for others and their voices. Feedback will always be welcome and appreciated.


3 responses to “Finding My Voice

  1. I think you always do a great job of being respectful…then again, I’m not sure I’ve found myself in disagreement yet. 🙂

    • Thanks! I do find that I hold back a lot. I think it’s okay to hold back, I’m not so important that people need to know every thought in my head, lol. But I also think I sometimes hold back out of fear or… something, I’m not quite sure what…

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