30 Things Part 1: 20 Random Facts About Myself

Recently I posted a list of 30 things I’d like to share with my kids. I found the list on another blog and was intrigued so I decided to try it myself. Since then I haven’t updated on the topic. I haven’t forgotten but my entire household has been sick, my oldest had a birthday and I’ve just generally been busy. Sorry about that.

I wasn’t sure how I’d approach this and still am not entirely sure. I don’t know that I’ll always go in order but for this first post the first question seemed like as good of a place to start as any. So, 20 random facts about myself.

  1. I have a strong empathy trigger. This is why I cry when we watch Doctor Who and when I tell you stories about my students. I can feel the pain of other people. Conversely though I can also feel their joy so it’s a fine trade off.
  2. I constantly question and second guess myself when it comes to parenting. I talk a good talk and when having a philosophical discussion or debates I have strong convictions and wholeheartedly believe in my chosen form of parenting. But when you say or do something that I’m not sure how to respond to self-doubt will inevitably rear it’s ugly head. Being your mom is not only a monumentally important role but it’s also one with no guarantees or way to know if I’m doing what’s best or right. All I have to go on is my gut and that is terrifying at times.
  3. I love organizing and planning. I am constantly planning vacations, mapping out plans for your education and making lists of organizational tools I need want for the house. I don’t always have time for the follow through and sometimes the follow through isn’t even the point. I don’t really expect or think you’re going to follow the traditional plan for high school (duh) or we’ll take every vacation I mapped out on a rainy afternoon. It’s just a big puzzle for me to figure out and I’m okay with taking it apart and putting it back in the box once it’s over
  4. Speaking of puzzles- I love them. Not traditional picture puzzles so much but games of logic and reasoning. Sudoku, Rummikub, Scrabble, Solitaire. Anything where I have to think and use strategy. I like to win but it’s not really the point. The thinking and finding something you didn’t see before is the fun part.
  5. I’m not a true geek because I don’t know how to make or necessarily understand all there is to know about cool, techy things. But I do enjoy those cool, techy things in an overly-exuberant, geeky way. Technology, science and sci-fi are some of my favorite things and I tend to be over the top in my love of my latest discovery in those areas. And I like that about myself. Being a geek, albeit a non-traditional one, is FUN!
  6. This kind of goes hand in hand with being a geek but I’m also a skeptic. I need evidence to believe big claims. This isn’t because I’m narrow minded, in fact it’s just the opposite. I’m open to a world of possibilities- but I need some reasonable proof before I’m handing over my time, money or heart to a belief.
  7. It’s hard for me to choose a favorite anything. Whether it’s food, color, movie, song, book- whatever. I always have a terrible time when someone asks me what my favorite of something is. I love lots of different things for lots of different reasons and choosing one over the other is impossible. My affinity for certain things isn’t necessarily equal in the sense of being exactly the same but it’s equal in the sense of importance and awe. I feel the same about my family members.
  8. Condescension is my biggest pet peeve. To the point of immediate and consuming rage, even when it isn’t directed at me.
  9. I believe in “fake it til you make it” very strongly. Life’s big secret is that other people don’t know what they’re doing at first either. The only way to figure anything is to try. (And Yoda was wrong, trying is important.)
  10. The only reason I’d ever want more money is so I can travel more and have more experiences. I already have more stuff than I really need.
  11. I try not to waste my time on regret or worry. Regrets are about a past I can’t change and worry is about a future I can’t predict or control. Instead I try to be the best person/parent/spouse/friend/citizen/self I can be in the present moment. This may mean working through a past mistake or preparing for something in the future but my emotional connection is to right now.
  12. I am pretty evenly split between being an introvert and extrovert. I always score close to 50% of each on the personality surveys. I find that I need both time to myself AND time with others to feel truly energized. Too much of either one and I start to feel overwhelmed and/or depressed.
  13. I would rather risk being taken advantage of than risk turning my back on someone truly in need.
  14. I love fall and spring. I enjoy aspects of every season but I’m at my best when the weather is mild and sunny and the world is full of color.
  15. I generally resist any philosophy or idea that insists upon being *the* answer for *all* people. We are a diverse species and we all need space to find our own way.
  16. I love the smells of lilac, freshly cut grass and dust being stirred at the beginning of a rainstorm.
  17. The 10-10-10 rule changed the way I see the world. I used to stress over things a lot more before I learned to ask myself, “How will this impact my life in 10 minutes? 10 months? 10 years?” I don’t really need the specific rule anymore but hearing about it helped me gain perspective.
  18. Your dad is my BEST friend. I know that I can say anything to him, discover anything about myself, change in a multitude of ways and he will support, love and respect me. I hope you both find someone to love you the way your dad loves me and I love him.
  19. If I could wear flip-flops year round, I would.
  20. Even though I’m 37 I still don’t always feel like a grown-up. Grown-ups are supposed to have waaaay more stuff figured out than I do.

2 responses to “30 Things Part 1: 20 Random Facts About Myself

  1. My thirty things I’d tell my kids would be things like “I was an A student”, “I was not into boys until I met your dad”, ” My bedroom was actually the tidiest room in the house” and finally ” I loved to bake with my mom”. All lies, but I’d so enjoy that post!

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