Friday Free-For-All: Let me tell you about The Doctor

Okay, I have a confession to make. Well, it’s not really a confession because if you know me in real life it’s not a secret AT ALL. But for those who only know me online, here it is… I am OBSESSED with Doctor Who.

Every Whovian I meet is an automatic friend!

Every Whovian I meet is an automatic friend. Just ask the girl working at the wine festival I attended recently- and forced to pose so my friend K could snap a pic!

Seriously, I’m obsessed. It’s become the thing that people who spend time with me associate most about me. They let me know they’re painting a shed blue (because they know I’ll think it will resemble the TARDIS), make sure I know when actors who’ve been on the show are making appearances in other shows, and just generally share anything Who related. When I have some free time I often spend it re-watching favorite episodes, reading analysis of storylines and characters online, pinning loads of links and pictures on Pinterest. I have a TARDIS phone case. I’ve pulled my children in and made sure they also love Who.

J with his Lego (well, nearly Lego) TARDIS at Christmas

J with his Lego (well, nearly Lego) TARDIS at Christmas

K with the sonic screwdriver she got for Christmas

K with the sonic screwdriver she got for Christmas



How did this happen? I used to have a normal life that wasn’t controlled by the whims of Steven Moffat. I could blink, walk across shadows, and hear children play copycat without it inducing slight panic. So, how does one go from casual sci-fi fan to full blow fangirl of a show filmed half a world away? For me it was a slow, but looking back, inevitable progression…

Step One: Friends start mentioning the show.

I kept hearing about The Doctor. The other moms in our homeschool group would mention it in conversation. They might post something on Facebook or Pinterest. Never one to be left out, my curiosity was piqued.

Step Two: Hmmm… it’s on Netflix.

The ability to binge watch entire seasons in a short amount of time is dangerous for those with fangirl tendencies. (Something similar, but to a lesser extent, *may* have happened when I discovered Buffy as well. Ahem.)

I. could. not. stop. watching. The story arcs were so compelling and I NEEDED to see what would happen next. What was the Bad Wolf? Will The Doctor ever see Rose again? Why do people keep telling Donna they’re sorry?  I MUST know- sleep is optional!!

Step Three: I think I’m falling in love.

Oh, my. I don’t really do celebrity crushes. And truth be told, I like and admire David Tennant (and to a lesser extent Eccleston and Smith as well). But I LOVE with The Doctor. Seriously, this is the perfect complex character. He is old and wise while also young and fun. He’s cheeky but serious as the ages. He can rock a pair of Chuck Taylor’s and 3D glasses while sending whole armies packing. And he’ll do it all while making epic declarations about the very essence of humanity. Even when he’s not talking to an actual human. Seriously, I SWOON!

Step Four: Hello, my fellow Whovians.

Oh, the internet is the place where fangirls and boys are made. We don’t come from the cabbage patch- we come from google search. And Pinterest. And Tumblr. And Reddit. And TV Tropes. We are born and reborn every minute on the internet. I’ve been here before too. The very first time I joined an online forum it was so I could find other people who loved Lost as much as I did- and wanted to analyze it endlessly, frame by frame, just so we wouldn’t go crazy waiting for the next season. And so it goes with Doctor Who. But the internet is fuller, richer and more easily accessible than it was in my Lost days. And just when I think I’ve shaken the obsession a picture shows up in my newsfeed to pull me back in. That pic up there of me in the t-shirt. Yeah, there are lots of DisneyWho mash-ups but I love the Alice one because the rabbit hole of the internet is what solidified me as a die-hard Whovian.

Step Five: Oh, this is getting deep.

All good sci-fi/fantasy is allegory. We learn about ourselves by watching aliens and monsters. We delve deep into the human psyche with stories about beings who look like lizards and cats. A man with two hearts shows us how we shut people out and let people into our one. Oh, and he regenerates once in a while. And don’t we all. The Doctor changes his outside to match the changes that life experiences bring to him internally but here’s the biggie that he helped me articulate… we ALL regenerate. I am no more the same person I was five years ago than the angry man in the leather jacket is the same as the silly man in the fez.  And yet deep down he is the same man. And I am the same woman.

Seriously, how can anyone not love this show?




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