My girl turned thirteen over a week ago and I still haven’t written a proper blog post about it.

Though we did have a fabulous photo shoot. Because, priorities.

Though we did have a fabulous photo shoot. Because, priorities.


It’s not because I’ve been too busy or haven’t tried. It’s because our relationship is so easy. I enjoy our dynamic so much and am extremely grateful for it on a daily basis. It just doesn’t make an ultra exciting blog entry.

I could talk about all the parenting choices I’ve made that have led up to this super easy relationship but I know that would be inaccurate and unfair because my effortless relationship with K is in stark contrast with the effort-ful (I know, I just made up that word, so what.) relationship I have with J. Don’t get me wrong, they are both great relationships and fill me up in different ways. It’s just that I know I can’t take all the credit for K being an easy child. She just is.

I also thought about writing about her interests. Always the artist this year she developed an interest in painting.

She hung up her dance shoes and decided to try another art form...


I’ve tried that a few times actually. But when I read it back it either comes across as inadequate or, worse, bragging. Like one of those parents. Which ultimately diminishes how fabulous she really is because then you only see me bragging, not her true personality.

Always the silly girl.

Some of that true personality shining through…

She really only pretends to be sassy for the camera.


I also tried capturing the things I want to hold onto in our birthday photo shoot but that also fell short. Because while I can capture some things…










20130604_33but it doesn’t tell the whole story. These pictures don’t show how she used to be afraid of dogs and now loves them more than anything. Or that when human characters die in movies, TV and books she’ll might say it’s sad, but when it’s an animal she feels it.








I can tell you about her love for fashion, pop music and teen TV dramas. I can remind you that she drug me to a Taylor Swift concert (where we had a fabulous time),

Yes, I'm wearing T.Swift headgear. Shut up.

Yes, I’m wearing T.Swift headgear. Shut up.

But then I also need to mention that she enjoys a Duck Dynasty marathon and embraces redneck culture with her dad.

I was not a part of this purchase.

I was not a part of this purchase.


When her uncle saw these pics he asked if she was barefoot because she’s a hippy…


… she told him she’s not a hippy, she’s a redneck. A well dressed redneck, but still a redneck. 😉






















But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t also embrace the geek culture that I love. Buffy and Doctor Who marathons are a favorite of ours.

And a Disney/Doctor mash-up would just be enough to send us over the edge.

And a Disney/Doctor mash-up would just be enough to send us over the edge.

And I guess that’s what I love most about my funny, compassionate, insightful, smart, beautiful girl. She has more confidence than most people I know and as a result knows that she doesn’t have to be one thing. It’s perfectly okay to be an artist, a pop-culture fashionista, a redneck AND a geek. Most of us are not one thing even though the world would like us to be. I love that my girl seems to instinctively know this and refuses to limit herself.

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