Day 7: What does cauliflower have to do with parenting?

We had pizza for dinner tonight. I don’t eat bread (at least I try not to) so mine was made of cauliflower. I’ve used this recipe in the past with great success and tonight was no exception. But don’t worry, I haven’t exhausted everything I have to say one week into this challenge; I’m not going to start telling you about my dinner. Well, not exactly anyway.

You see, I linked a recipe for the crust because that’s where I learned to make it. But tonight I was in a bit of hurry, didn’t really want to cook and, to be perfectly honest, was feeling a bit lazy. So, instead of looking at the recipe I tried to remember how to make it and just went with it. I didn’t measure anything, not even the cauliflower.  I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to use one egg or two but figured it was just a binding agent anyway so it wouldn’t matter as long as there was egg in there. I got the hot sauce out of the fridge but forgot to add it. And yet, I had a delicious pizza for dinner.


As I was putting the toppings on my beautiful crust it occurred to me that I parent kind of like I cook. I read, ask others for opinions, look things up online, follow the tested advice to see what works for us, what components are necessary to hold everything together, what doesn’t matter as much and then I just do my own thing. As with cooking I still have the basis for the recipe that I found so helpful but I don’t aspire to it. I know that I might do better or worse on my own but I take the chance because it’s hard to predict without just trying things out. I also know that striving for perfection creates a lot more work, stress and strife without consistently better results.

So, I didn’t stress about the perfect recipe, just like I don’t stress about being the perfect unschooling mama. And tonight I thoroughly enjoyed my awesome-but-not-perfect pizza with my awesome-but-not-perfect family.


2 responses to “Day 7: What does cauliflower have to do with parenting?

  1. Coincidentally, I just came inside from an hours long walk with Mark during which, among many things, I lamented my own non-perfection and WHY can’t I figure. It. Out. Dammit.

  2. Well, I’m not always so zen about it. Annoyance at my own imperfection is one of those “intrusive thoughts” I wrote recently about observing with interest … 😉

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