Day 16/Post 15: No choice is perfect, not even MINE! ;)


I came across this blog post today, written by a grown unschooler whose husband was traditionally schooled. I’m anxiously awaiting the post of the interview she alludes to but I thought this post was pretty great on its own. I especially liked this:

For me, and I suspect for other grown un-schoolers, there is the grounding reality of imperfection. There is no perfect education, no perfect upbringing, or family.

She goes on to reiterate this idea that unschooling is simply a choice, not the choice when she shares her husband’s perspective:

And my husband, having experienced public, private and boarding schools at different chapters in his education, has his own opinions and sense of determination to do better as a parent, to guide and harness all the positive things that institutions have to offer.

I honestly think this may be the first time I’ve heard an unschooler use institution without a negative connotation attached. It gave me pause and caused me to examine my own prejudices. Unschooling saved my family, saved my son, saved ME. This is extraordinary and I’m forever grateful but as a result it can be difficult for me to be objective on the topic.

This is why the post linked above struck such a chord with me. The acknowledgement that no choice is perfect is significant. As an immature unschooler I used to bristle and get defensive when people questioned me or asked me about perceived flaws in the philosophy. But now, as a mature unschooler I realize that I’m not trying to make perfect choices; I’m trying to make the best choices for my family. I don’t choose unschooling because it’s *the* best. I choose it because it’s best *for us*.

And ultimately that’s all any of us can really do.

Disclaimer: If you ask me for advice I’m going to give it to you from the perspective of a radical unschooler. That’s what I know, and all I have to offer by way of knowledge and information. So, if you don’t want to hear advice from that perspective, ask someone else! If you’re simply looking for a compassionate ear with no advice, I’m always your gal. 🙂

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