Day 24/Post 22: The ABC’s of Me

It feels a bit like cheating to post a meme in the middle of my 30 day challenge but I’m already behind and am having a difficult time finding anything to post about today. I’ve tried. I’ve failed. My BFF came to the rescue when she posted this on her blog today so I’m taking the easy way out. Enjoy. 🙂

A. Attached or Single?
 Attached for 22 years, married for 18 of them, to a guy who still makes me laugh every day!

B. Best Friend?
  Well, obviously that funny guy. But I also have to give a shout out to Karen, or metoo as I like to call her. 🙂

C. Cake or Pie? Pie. My mom’s apple pie.

D. Day of choice? The super boring answer of Sunday. The day begins with Robbie making bacon and eggs while I make toast and coffee. We is generally spend the day at home, just the family. When the weather is nice we grill for dinner and just sit outside and enjoy the evening together. From the outside looking in I’m sure it’s boring but it feels magical to me! ❤

E. Essential Item?
  My sunglasses! You’ll rarely see me without them. When I go inside I just push them up on my head.

F. Favorite color? Green, almost any shade.

G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummy Bears. Mostly because I used to watch the cartoon on Saturday morning.

H. Home town?
  We moved a lot when I was a kid but at age 10 we settled in Belle, MO and it stuck. 🙂

I. Favorite Indulgence? Binge watching newly found or rediscovered TV series on Netflix… I’m neck deep in Freaks and Geeks right now.

J. January or July? That’s a tough one! My birthday is in July but my anniversary is in January. A day to celebrate my life and a day to celebrate my life with a truly amazing guy… I can’t decide!

K. Kids?  Two fantastically amazing teens!
L. Life isn’t complete without?
 Fiction, especially science-fiction and fantasy! It doesn’t matter if it’s a book, TV, or a movie. If it’s well written with fully developed characters I’ll probably love it. 🙂

M. Marriage date? January 7, 1995

N. Number of brothers/sisters?
 1 brother, 11 years younger than me and about to make me an AUNT!! 🙂

Just look at that face. How can this baby be anything but ADORABLE!

Just look at that face. How can this baby be anything but ADORABLE!

O. Oranges or Apples? Depends on my mood.

P. Phobias?
 Mice! Yuck… enough about that!

Q. Quotes? There are many that resonate but this is my favorite right now:


R. Reasons to smile?
  So many things. Mostly the little things though. Texts from my husband. A shared, inside joke with my son. My daughter reaching over to hold my hand.

S. Season of choice?  Fall, but spring is a VERY close second.

T. Tag 5 People. Uhh… if you want to do this, you’re tagged!

U. Unknown fact about me? I have a pretty short fuse. I hide it pretty well and have learned to control it but it’s still there at times.

V. Vegetable? Cabbage!

W. Worst habit?  My mind wanders. A LOT.

X. Xray or Ultrasound?  Completely weird question but I’ll try. I have horrible experiences with both but also got the first glimpse of my kids with ultrasound so I guess ultrasound.

Y. Your favorite food? Cheese. On everything. 

Z. Zodiac sign?  Leo (though I don’t believe in astrology AT ALL, lol)


3 responses to “Day 24/Post 22: The ABC’s of Me

  1. Your Sunday is exactly ours too, right down to the breakfast, coffee and grilling! 🙂 And I totally agree, it may sound boring to others but it’s the most perfect thing in the world!!! We just love spending the weekend together. A loving family is a magical feeling!

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