Day 27/Post 25: A Bird in the Hand?

I have a pretty promising job opportunity. The principal of the high school, who is a former colleague of mine, called me yesterday to ask what it would take to keep the GED program running in our town. We discussed it briefly, she told me that she’s already spoken to the superintendent and that he thinks it’s a good idea as well so they are preparing to present it to the school board. I am so relieved for the community; in rural communities programs like this are essential. I’m also excited at the prospect of returning to work I love with a schedule that suits our families needs. But…

The hours are far fewer than I was working before. I wanted fewer hours after realizing that the kids, Jace especially, need me home more. But this is a bigger reduction that I’d planned. I have a few options for income to compliment this one but neither of them are exactly secure financially nor do they thrill me in terms of professional fulfillment (though perhaps the GED class will be fulfilling enough to bolster me through…)

I could substitute teach at our local school in addition to teaching the evening GED classes. But that is largely dependent on being called for work. I’m also afraid that in the thick of it I’ll have a difficult time saying no when I’m called even if I’ve already worked as many days that week as I’d like to.

I could also offer child care services one day per week in my home. Our local school is transitioning to a four day school week this year and I know a lot of parents are looking for child care on Mondays. But again, not exactly secure. I’m not sure I could get the number of kids I need to make this a viable option. And I’m also not sure how much I’m going to like it.

And all of this would be easier if that *perfect-really-really-want-it* job wasn’t tantalizing me. But they aren’t even going to start looking at applications for this dream job until next month. It’s a lot more money than any of the other combinations for about the same number of hours worked. It’s a job that I feel well suited for and know I could do well and enjoy a lot. But I don’t even know if I’m going to get an interview, much less a job offer. Can I really turn down this right-in-front-of-me offer for the possibility that something better *may* come along?

No job at all would not be feasible for our family. Simply subbing without the GED position to supplement would require too many days/hours out of the house to really meet our needs. So, if the GED position comes to fruition before I get a call about the other one I’ll have to decide. I’m not a gambler. I’m not a risk taker. I know that there are countless inspirational stories about people taking big risks for big rewards. But there are a lot more cautionary tales about people who let opportunity slip through their fingers. Generally people who take big risks can afford to. And I’m just not sure we can.


2 responses to “Day 27/Post 25: A Bird in the Hand?

  1. What great news that the GED program will (hopefully) be revived in your town!

    And, while they’re not the ideal choices for you – at least you have choices. I know you’ll choose the best fit for your family.

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