Day 30/Post 30: I made it!

Well, first of all, a moment to celebrate that I made it! 30 days doesn’t sound long but I was really trying to push myself to only post things of substance. I think I managed, for the most part at least, to rise to the challenge I laid out for myself. Today has proven to be especially challenging. It’s the last day so I can’t put it off until tomorrow but we had so much going on today that made it difficult to find time to write. So, even though I really wanted to finish strong I think instead you’ll get a recap of what I’ve learned from this challenge and what my goals for this blog are as I move forward.

  1. I need to be writing every day. It may not be publishable every day but the more I write the more I find I have to say. There are, of course, days when I don’t have much to say and without the challenge hanging over my head I probably won’t push myself to post things that I feel need more refining or that simply don’t really say much. But I’m going to sit at the computer for least 20 minutes daily and see what happens.
  2. It is not conducive to writing for me to pull myself away from my family. It has to be done when nothing is going on. If I try to set a time and then we’re in the middle of something- even if that something is just watching TV or showing each other silly internet memes- I can’t really give myself over to writing. So, it’s either early in the morning, before everyone is up, or finding moments of natural down time in the day.
  3. I don’t need to narrow my writing to specific topics or special days for certain topics. I need to write about what is in the forefront of my mind in the moment if I really want to say anything of value. Readers would rather have posts with substance on varied topics than watered down posts on the same topic- and more importantly, that’s what I’d rather write!
  4. I can use this space as a jumping off point for other adventures with writing. A blog post can be refined for submission to a magazine; I just have to find the right fit.
  5. Sharing my writing helps me feel more connected to the world at large. Seeing the number of people who’ve read, shared, liked and/or commented on something reaffirms for me that deep down we all have more similarities than differences. But we can only discover that if we’re willing to actually show people who we are deep down.

6 responses to “Day 30/Post 30: I made it!

  1. Congratulations! I enjoyed it!

    I did a 30 day writing project on my other blog and found that it really became a *practice* that pushed me, challenged me, and expanded me to write every day. I write a LOT, but doing a daily post really helped me dig deeper and learn more.

  2. I think I understand. I’ve been writing quite a bit but feel the need to keep my thoughts to myself. But the writing itself does real good. I get that.

    I’ve enjoyed your 30 Days. Thanks.

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