My 38

Today is my birthday! My husband had his birthday a couple of weeks ago and he has always felt they were silly to celebrate. “Just another day,” he always says. But I want to celebrate! Living to an old age is not a given, something my family knows all too well so every year that passes, every year that I get to spend with the people I love, having new experiences and savoring the little things is a year worth acknowledging and cherishing.

I recently read a blog post from HuffPo titled “This is 38” that really resonated with me. I loved that the author acknowledged all of the special things about herself right now. This is similar to what I try to do with my kids birthday posts and I thought I’d do the same for myself. So, this is my 38.

38 is loving and accepting yourself. Even liking yourself (which is sometimes harder than love).

38 is being married to your best friend but also having some really great girl friends because you know that one person can’t be everything to another.

38 is having kids who still need you but are no longer needy. There’s more give and take within those relationships and it feels amazing.

38 is looking forward to a new niece or nephew because there will be a new baby to love without having to be responsible for him/her.

38 is accepting that some of your girlhood dreams are never going to become reality and being okay with that. Reality turned out to be so much more deeply satisfying than those superficial dreams could have been.

38 is turning your attention to your health and energy. There are a few aches and pains but you still feel pretty great and want to keep it that way.

38 is knowing that you still have a lot to learn about the world and about yourself. But instead of striving for these lessons and fretting over them you can be content to sit back and let them come to you in your own time. They always do anyway.

38 is surrounding yourself with people who are okay with who you are. No more pretending, no more trying to fit in. Just being yourself and knowing that those who stick around are the ones worth your time.

38 is knowing when to stand up and when to walk away.

38 is knowing what you like, what you don’t and being unapologetic for both.

38 is having said good-bye to loved ones and taken a hard look at your own mortality.

38 is still being young at heart, wanting to be silly, having fun and laughing a lot.

38 is not sweating the small stuff and realizing that most stuff is the small stuff.

38 is settled, content, happy.





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