Katy Trail Challenge

Oh, wow guys, I have been planning and plotting! There have been so many times in the last week that I’ve wanted to come here and write about my Big, Exciting (at least for me!!) Plans but life keeps getting in the way. Finally, I’ve managed to carve a little time out to share my news!

I’m going to walk the Katy Trail, section by section, before my fortieth birthday next year. πŸ™‚

The Katy Trail spans most of Missouri and began it’s life as the Missouri-Kansas-Texas, or MKT, rail line. After the trains stopped running it was converted to a biking/walking trail. It’s not hilly or rugged but it is long. 247 miles long. I considered choosing other hikes that would offer more rugged terrain and therefore more of a physical challenge but I honestly didn’t consider it for long. I know myself and I need a self-contained goal with a deadline. That’s how I actually get things done. So, I’ll challenge myself in other ways, mostly by making my walk/hikes longer and longer as time progresses.

I suppose that in an ideal world I’d be able to just pause my life and walk continuously for 2-3 weeks and then pick back up where I left off but this isn’t an ideal world. My kids are old enough that I could probably get by with planning such a trip but then I’ve missed 3 weeks of the very limited time we have left when we are inextricably woven into the fabric of each other’s daily lives. Who’s to say how those three weeks could change that. I know they wouldn’t hold it against me and everyone would be fine… but when I get back will we have lost the habit of stopping to chat several times per day? Will we still want to wait to watch our favorite shows when we can watch together? Will our routines still include each other? Maybe. But maybe not, and it’s not a risk I’m willing to take. I would also miss them, and my husband a lot. So, no, it’s not going to be a continuous walk from one end of the trail to the other.

I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the Katy Trail website and mapping out a plan that actually fits into my life. (I’ve also ordered a guide book but couldn’t just sit around waiting for it to arrive before I started planning!) πŸ˜‰

My notes, mapping the trail by geological and chronological order as well as ideas for which sections would make good muilti-day trips.

My notes, mapping the trail by geological and chronological order as well as ideas for which sections would make good multi-day trips.

It’s going to take me 16 months to complete this challenge, beginning next month and ending in July 2015 when I turn 40. I plan to do one walk/hike per month in that time; most of them will be one day trips but there will also be 3 overnights (including one in wine country with my BFF) and finally, a three day trip at the culmination of the challenge. Because I’ll be doing a little backtracking to get back to my car I’ll actually walk 305 miles on the trail in addition to other walks and challenges close to home. That final three day trip I mentioned is going to span over 55 miles, 25.7 of which will be walked on the last day (nearly a marathon) so I’ll definitely need the walks at home to help me prepare; in fact I’ve already begun but I have to save something for next time…


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