A friend commented on my last post that the thing she’s most excited about for me regarding my Katy Trail challenge is that I’m having an ADVENTURE. And she really nailed it because I am absolutely giddy with anticipation.


My absolute favorite thing to do is to go somewhere I’ve never been. I discovered this the first time I went to Europe with a friend, foolishly thinking that trip would get “get it out of my system” when instead it planted the seed of wanderlust that continues to bloom. For many years I scrimped, saved, planned, and dreamed. I looked forward to that one week of vacation ALL YEAR. But it was never enough because I always wanted more. Much more than my budget and responsibilities allowed. This challenge is a chance to reconcile my wanderlust with my reality.

The Katy Trail is packed with various types of adventure: festivals as well as solitude, the beauty of nature as well as museums, picnics as well as family restaurants. The anticipation is helping me appreciate all of these things right now, in my own back yard as well.

IMG_1169I snapped this walking on my county road last week. I’ve expressed before that I’ve lived on this road most of my life and as a result sometimes get bored walking here. But the prospect of a new adventure is helping me look and appreciate it with fresh eyes.


This one was taken last week when my daughter and I decided to go try out a new, small, family owned restaurant that everyone has been raving about. It’s a Greek restaurant, which is my favorite, and I’m not really sure why we’d waited so long to go but planning my first walk has me itching to try new things. You can see a bit of this adorable place behind K in the above picture. It’s shabby chic with mismatched tables and chairs (we sat in a boot salvaged from an old restaurant), chalkboards with mismatched frames and a very friendly, relaxed atmosphere. The food was delicious and as we were eating I realized this is the kind of discovery I’ll be making while walking the trail.

These scenic views and and tiny, family restaurants are diamond in the rough type places that can really only be found in places often overlooked unless you’re already traveling through that specific area. And I will be traveling through, for 237 miles. That’s 237 miles of new views to take in. 237 miles of new small town businesses to discover. 237 miles of adventure!



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