We’ve only had a few really warm days and I’m already fed up. Not with the heat but with the sanctimonious pronouncements like this one cropping up on social media:


Dress for the body I have? Well, the body I have gets hot when the temperature goes up. Just like yours, random internet troll. So, I will dress however I fucking well please. Being fat does not mean that I’m sentenced to months of discomfort. It does not mean that I must shield myself away from your delicate sensibilities. It simply means I have more fat on my body than some other people do. That’s it. If you don’t want to see my dimply knees or chubby thighs, look away because I’m wearing shorts and sundresses. If you think the fact that my upper arms are flabby is gross, look away because I’m wearing tank tops. If the sight of me in a swimsuit makes you uncomfortable, look away because I’m going to the pool. And when it’s hot I’ll choose my clothes based on what feels good, comfortable, appropriate, and attractive to me. 


I searched (and searched) for the bottom image by  itself. I could not find it and instead sifted through way too much of the very thing this post is about.


Btw, I searched and searched (and searched) for that second image by itself but could not find it. I did however encounter a lot hate. I don’t usually get so angry in a post and I second guessed myself when I previewed the post. Then I did the image search. I’m, not second guessing myself any more. In fact, I wasn’t mad enough.

Oh, and on a related topic (just so I don’t have to do a separate post)…


So, to all the haters sharing these hilarious  ignorant  memes, your discomfort when looking at my body will not dictate my comfort when I’m dressing my body.


6 responses to “Comfortable

  1. Agree with this 100%. Doesn’t summer feel like the season where the body police get to do their most rampant fat-shaming and slut shaming?

    • Absolutely. And what bothers me most is how it’s simply accepted as absolute truth by the majority of people (including me at one time) because of how pervasive the idea is.

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