Forty Firsts

So, I’ve been contemplating that 2015 is my 40th year. I want to do something special to both acknowledge the milestone and symbolize that this is just the beginning. I thought about a special vacation, a physical challenge, a big party, etc. but none of it felt “right”. And then I came up with an idea that is so ME that I can hardly believe I didn’t think of it before.

I love trying new things more than anything and if there’s one thing I would wish for to add to my pretty fantastic life it would be more adventure. So, this year I’m going to have 40 FIRSTS! Some will be big adventures (my first mother/daughter trip to Disney), some will be small indulgences (my first massage), and some I haven’t thought of yet. But whatever I decide it’s going to be FUN!

I’ve been so sporadic with this blog that I’m not sure if anyone is still following along but I’ll be chronicling my adventures here for my own record of things. If you’re here and if you have ideas- from new foods I should try to new places in the Mid-Missouri area I should visit to new small indulgences I can try at home leave me a comment. I’m ready for your ideas!

Bring on the ADVENTURE!

Bring on the ADVENTURE!


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