Forty Firsts: Swadee Thai (plus an overview of ideas for the year)

This week I finally managed to cross a first off my list! A nearby town opened a Thai restaurant that everyone had been raving about but I hadn’t managed to get to yet. So, Thursday when I dropped my daughter off at the coffee shop where she was meeting her friends I headed over for a solo lunch, my first at this restaurant and also my first Thai ever!

Eggplant with chicken sauteed in chili paste. Simply delicious!

Eggplant with chicken sauteed in chili paste. Simply delicious!

It was fantastic and I can hardly wait to go back! Honestly though, I’d have tried this without a challenge so it felt a little like cheating. However, I realize that if I’m truly going to have forty firsts this year I have to count EVERYTHING, largely because I simply can’t afford or don’t have access to a lot of things that I’d love to try for the first time. For example, there’s an artificial snow ski area near us but even renting equipment proves to be expensive especially because I’d still need to buy proper clothing and pay for at least one lesson. Too expensive. Sky diving is also a bit expensive (though I admit that didn’t really look into this one much, lol). I also thought about a belly dancing class which is also kind of expensive but I found a 6 week course that I could have managed with a little bit of effort. But it takes place on one of the evenings I have to work (and my work schedule isn’t flexible).

So, coming up with a list of ideas proved more difficult than I expected but I did manage to put one together. I wanted some diversity so I split the list up into categories to make sure I wasn’t just listing 40 restaurants or places to go; the idea is to create more adventure and if the list isn’t diverse I’m afraid it will feel more mundane than adventurous. I also wanted more than 40 so if some things didn’t work out I’d still have options. And options are all this list is, I imagine (hope) that other opportunities to try new things I haven’t even thought of will present themselves throughout the year. As a somewhat obsessive planner I had to have a guide of some kind though so here goes:

Day Trips

  1. Grant’s Farm
  2. The Muny
  3. Fort Davidson
  4. Taum Sauk
  5. St. Louis Art Museum
  6. Mural Walk in Cuba
  7. Missouri State Penitentiary
  8. Museum of Archaeology, MU Campus
  9. Vacuum Cleaner Museum (there’s a story behind this one I’ll share when we do it)
  10. Busch Stadium Tour
  11. Titanic Museum
  12. Mark Twain Tour of Hannibal
  13. Walt Disney Tour of Marceline (his hometown!!)

Vacations/Weekend Getaways

  1. Washington DC
  2. Visit Funky Bones in Indianapolis
  3. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
  4. Mother/Daughter trip with my girlie
  5. Eureka Springs
  6. Le Claire, Iowa (home of Antique Archaeology)
  7. 100 Mile Yard Sale
  8. B&B with R (probably in Hermann)

Restaurants/Local Businesses

  1. The Cave Restaurant
  2. 3 Squirrels Winery
  3. Public House St. James location
  4. Swadee Thai  (YAY!! Crossed one off!)
  5. Mexican place in St. James (preferably on a night they have live music)
  6. German place in JC
  7. Jazz in Columbia (cajun seafood!!)
  8. Lamberts (home of the throwed rolls)
  9. The Landing
  10. Ozark Actors Theater (the SHAME that I’ve never been!!)
  11. Waynesville’s swanky new movie theater with recliners, cocktails, etc.


  1. learn to make pie crust from my mom
  2. learn to use the barbecue grill (again, the SHAME)
  3. create a custom wood painted sign
  4. cut wine bottles into glasses
  5. create a terrarium
  6. grow my own strawberries
  7. make a basket
  8. make jewelry
  9. make soap
  10. make a burlap wreath for my door
  11. use the quilt scraps I’ve gathered from damaged quilts to make ornaments, sachets, wall hangings, etc.


  1. Get my first commission check (WOOT!)
  2. Enter and finish a local 5k (I’ll walk it though, I’m NOT a runner, lol)
  3. Host a backyard movie
  4. Get that stripe of color I’ve always wanted to try in my hair
  5. Do a fun themed manicure
  6. Get a massage
  7. Let R teach me to shoot (this may not happen as he likes it but I don’t- I’m TRYING to use this list to be more open to things he likes that are outside my comfort zone)

So, that’s what I’ve got so far. 50 things (you have to add the lists together, formatting wouldn’t allow me to use automatic numbering consecutively for different lists and I was too lazy to to back and number on my own after I realized it). There’s not really anything too daring on the list which disappointed me at first but the more I thought about it the more I realized that this challenge is about making space for being more of myself and this list is very me. If the money presents itself to try sky diving or if that belly dancing class opens up on another night I might give daring a try. I’m open to whatever the year brings.


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