Forty Firsts #4 & 5: Well that was definitely a first…

My daughter and I recently committed to taking a day every other week to do something fun together. Large or small, new or old favorite, it doesn’t really matter as long as it gets out of the house and we have a little fun.

So, last week we were trying to decide what to do on a cold and windy afternoon when I remembered a tiny little vacuum cleaner museum in a neighboring town about 25 miles away. I’m sure you’re wondering what in the world is fun about a vacuum cleaner museum!?!? But here’s the thing- we LOVE stuff like that.

In The Odd Life of Timothy Green Jennifer Garner’s character runs a pencil museum. The first time we watched the movie one of us wondered aloud who would go to a pencil museum. Then we looked at each other, burst out laughing and simultaneously shouted, “US!!!” Because we would totally go to a pencil museum. Or skip Space Mountain at Disney World in favor of Hall of Presidents (yes, we totally did that). 

 But I digress… 

 So, it was decided. Our first outing of our new commitment to get out more would be to the vacuum cleaner museum. No the irony of that isn’t lost on me. First things first though, we had to get some lunch. We had a gift card for Subway and the plan was to have a free lunch to go with our free museum. But then a little place I’d never been caught my eye.  One of our favorite things is trying out local restaurants and this was one we hadn’t been to yet. The allure of crossing another first from list was greater than the allure of a free meal so Tuggie’s won out.

Meh. I didn’t even remember to snap a pic of the food because it was pretty uninspired. There are generally two types of small town diners- the iconic type serving up a combination of really well prepared traditional favorites with fresh ingredients and the more common type serving up lots of deep fried frozen foods I can easily replicate with a trip to the freezer section of my local grocery store. Tuggie’s was, unfortunately, the latter. It wasn’t great but it also wasn’t especially bad or anything so I’m still okay with it since it was a first in my year of firsts. 🙂 

 After we finished our meal and a quick stop at a friend’s house we were off to the vacuum cleaner museum! 

I’m not really sure what I was expecting but this place was just adorable! It was tiny but it was set up in such a neat way that it still had a big impact. The vacuums were sorted by decade and each decade was separated into a different “room” complete with period decor, furnishings, wall coverings, and of course flooring. 

There were also period advertisements on the wall and plaques with “Did you know?” type information. 

I’m a huge fan of vintage and antiques (we actually have a booth at an antique mall and I recently started buying vintage dishes, furnishings, etc. for our house) so this set up really impressed me! My favorite was the 1950s era kitchen with great old appliances along with the vacuums. 

This first was fun and it was interesting to see how this time saving appliance we all take for granted has evolved. Plus we learned some new things, even if some of them were kind of funny in the grossest way…

It was definitely a low-key adventure but also unique and fun.!


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